Cats Are Jerks — You Need One

Cat are jerks. Although I can’t dispute that fact, I think cats are funny jerks with weird and very distinct personalities. Most people favor a dog for a pet. They are loyal, fun to play with and they eat their own poo. Nice. My cat Sadie is 13 years old and I have enjoyed every single year of those nine lives. I rescued her from a shelter when she was 2. She had been picked up by the police and it was obvious she had been in a brawl, because part of her ear was missing. I was thinking about adopting a monster of a cat called Moose, but Sadie decided otherwise. She’s my furry pal. Life just wouldn’t be the same without cat fur all over my clothes and usually in my mouth, too. Here are 5 excellent reasons to consider adopting a cat:

Want to go away for the weekend? Guess what? Your cat can stay home alone for a day or two. No kennel needed. And you can eliminate your friends and family going through your stuff while you’re gone. Can you feed my cat and sift through my personal items while you’re at it? That’d be great…thanks.



Cats LOVE to sleep. Who doesn’t love sleeping? Here’s an activity that you can do together. Maybe you could compete to see who’s better at sleeping. I doubt you’ll win.



Who let their dog out at 5am? A person who was tired of hearing said dog bark and bark. Now the whole neighborhood can enjoy Fido’s rant. Ever hear a cat barking non-stop? You haven’t, because for the most part indoor cats are pretty quiet. A few meows, but c’mon that’s so cute!


When it’s freezing cold outside, you still have to walk your dog. Every single day. And probably more than once, I’m told. Cats don’t want to stand in the snow at 7am. See #2.



One of the best things about a cat is that they want to sit with you and be pet. Dogs want to jump and play, but a cat will calmly sit in your lap and watch a movie with you. They are warm and soft and usually refrain from eating your ice cream when you walk away




There are so many cats and kittens in shelters. According to the ASPCA, 3.4 cats are put into animal shelters every year. Sadly, 1.4 million are euthanized. Just like dogs, cats have different personalities. You can find a cat that is high energy or more laid-back. Choose a playful kitten and watch them grow or choose a sweet older cat who just wants a chance to love you.

My Sadie Cat

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